Mystery Monday | August 16, 2010

Like most people who are researching their family history, I have a lot of unanswered questions about many of my ancestors. Where did they live? What was their occupation? Why did they move to a certain area of the country? Who is in this picture? Where are they buried? The questions never end!

I’m starting a Monday’s Mystery post that will ask some of these questions about specific people. Maybe some of my readers will have information to help solve a few of these many mysteries.

Today’s mystery involves some photos of unknowns. The pictures were given to me by the Daniels family in Shawano, WI. They may have once belonged to my great aunt, Helen Weller, who lived in Clintonville, WI.

I’m particularly interested in the gentleman on the left in the above photo. He appears in both of these pictures. I’m guessing the the lady in the second picture is his wife, but I don’t know that for sure.