Working in the Mills

An aspect of researching my family history that really interests me is the occupations of my ancestors. A common occupation that crops up again and again is working in various types of mills.

My Harris family has a long history in the mills. Ezekial Harris owned a saw mill in Bedford, NY in the the mid 1700’s. Nelson Harris built a saw mill in Cato, WI and then in Forest Junction, WI in the 1850’s. It was Forest Junction’s first business and was later operated by his brother, Isaac. Nelson’s son, Orville, worked in the Cato mill and later was an engineer in at a flour mill in Appleton, WI.

Walter Kachelski came to America in 1870, and during his early years, was employed as a weaver in a woolen mill in Beaver Dam, WI

Reuben Perry Benjamin operated a saw mill in Pierpont, Ohio in the mid 1800’s

In 1897, Daniel Webster Allen build the first grist mill in Custer, MI.

In the mid-1800’s, Lysander Ormsby operated a stave mill in Deerfield, MI. Stave mills produced the narrow strips of wood that composed the sides of barrels.

Wordless Wednesday | December 21, 2011

This Christmas picture of me and my siblings was taken when I was about five. Dad had our HO train track going around the tree. My parents still have most of those glass ornaments. Until seeing this, I didn’t remember our trees with tinsel on them. But, I do remember those old tree lights that would get very hot and actually burn the needles on the tree!

When we were little, the tree wasn’t put up before Christmas. The first time we saw it up, decorated and lit was on Christmas morning, with all the presents under it! Santa sure had a busy night!