Today’s Tidbit | March 27, 1797 – Charles Francois Xavier Voiland

On this date, in 1797, my third great grandfather, Charles Francois Xavier Voiland, was born in Essert, Belfort, France. He was a farmer. In October of 1857, at the age of 60, he emigrated to America with his wife, Adelaide, and daughters, Madelaine, Catherine Philomen, Julie and Adele.

More about the Voiland/Weller family can be found here.

Wordless Wednesday | September 21, 2011

Much to the chagrin of some of my relatives, I’ve never added a description or identification to any of the photos I’ve used in my Wordless Wednesday posts. So, today is a first. I just couldn’t resist.

When searching for this week’s photo, I came across this one of my aunt and my dad, taken in late 1934. I had never looked closely at this picture. But this time, something jumped out at me. I noticed a man crouching behind the chair. His hat is lying on the ground underneath the chair. It’s my grandpa trying not to show up in the picture as he was helping my dad sit upright in the chair!