Today’s Tidbit | Kathrine (Tuepper) Hau/Butz

I was recently given a copy of a photo of my 2nd great grandmother, Kathrine (Tuepper) Hau. I had only seen one picture of her and that was taken when she was elderly. This new photo was taken when she was a much younger woman.



Kathrine married my 2nd great grandfather, Wilhelm Hau, in 1869. Wilhelm passed away in 1884, at the age of 42. More about Wilhelm can be read in the previous post located here. Kathrine married John Butz in 1887.


One thought on “Today’s Tidbit | Kathrine (Tuepper) Hau/Butz

  1. I think Katherine is just beautiful, both as a young woman and as an older lady. The early photograph almost looks like a painting. I think photographers sometimes edited or enhanced the old photos to make them look more like paintings. In the old photo she has so much character. I love how “honest” women used to be about having lines and wrinkles in their faces. Congratulations on obtaining the photo of her when she was young.

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