Frank Weller | January 18, 1858

Frank Weller, my great grandfather, was born on this date in 1858. He was born on the family farm in Little Wolf Twp., Waupaca Co., WI.


6 thoughts on “Frank Weller | January 18, 1858

  1. Is this my dad’s brother or his uncle? do you know for sure, as I haven’t seen pictures of Frank Weller for a long time as my Uncle Frank lived in Oregon or California I believe if that is him.

    • This is your grandfather’s brother. He had a farm in the Little Wolf area and then moved to Clintonville, where he had a farm and then the hardware store. He is one of Joseph Voiland’s 9 children.

  2. This is such a great photo, not only because your grandfather is in it but also because it shows a general store in the background. I’m sure I could look at this for an hour and still find more to see. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Nancy, I actually cropped the photo. The original is a much wider shot of his entire hardware store. Yes, I have stared at it many times and still see new things in it!

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