Family Matters | HENRY HERRICK

Henry Herrick, along with his wife Editha, were among the original thirty who founded the First Church of Salem, MA in 1629. This was the first Puritan Church in the new colony. They arrived as part of the Higginson and Skelton fleet (Winthrop) to Salem in 1629.  Rev. Francis Higginson and Rev. Samuel Skelton were the spiritual leaders of the fleet of five ships and about 300 settlers sent to Nahumkeake (Salem) by the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1629.

Born:  1598 in England
Married:  Editha Laskin about 1630 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony
Died:  March 28, 1671 in Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts Bay Colony

Relation:  9th Great Grandfather


6 thoughts on “Family Matters | HENRY HERRICK

  1. Your blog was featured in the “The Weekly Genealogy Tip” from Stevenson Genealogy. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your site, great info and beautiful photos. Well done!
    Preserve Your Family History

  2. Interesting! I’m from Beverly, Massachusetts and I’ve got lots of Herricks in my family tree going back to the 1600s. Most recently, my cousin Priscilla married a Herrick – and she still lives in Salem, Massachusetts! Also, Reverend Samuel Skelton is my 10x great grandfather, and Reverend Francis Higginson is the father in law to my 9x great grandmother, Mary Blackman. I even went to the Herrick School in Beverly, which is now condos.

  3. It’s great to have New England ancestry! I’m sure there is quite a bit of intertwining of our families since we both have Pilgrim and Puritan ancestry!

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