Tuesday Treasure | September 14, 2010

A couple of months ago, my wife’s Harvey family had a family get-together. Her grandfather, Wayne Harvey, died last December, and there were lots of old photos being passed around. As we were leaving, I gathered most of the photos to take home and scan. I also grabbed an old scrapbook.

I finally pulled the photos out yesterday and spent some time scanning. I then began to leaf through the pages of the scrapbook. It appears to have been put together by my wife’s great grandmother, Martha (Musbach) Harvey, Wayne’s mom. It contains page after page of family and friend-related newspaper clippings from the early 1900’s to the mid 1940’s. The Harveys and Musbachs lived in the areas between Jackson and Chelsea, MI.

What a treasure trove of information! Articles announcing weddings, deaths, anniversaries and family get-togethers. I spent the next several hours adding dates and places and other facts to people in my family tree, and also discovering some new names and stories that I knew nothing of.

I’ve really enjoyed leafing through the scrapbook and immersing myself in the happenings of the Harvey and Musbach families, and their friends, as they went about their daily lives during the first half of the 20th century.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Treasure | September 14, 2010

    • Thanks Karen! I’m going to start by scanning each of the pages. I’m not sure about the long term plan. I will certainly fill in dates and places. I think I’ll transcribe the family-related articles into the notes area of my data base.

      I’m lucky to have this! It just makes me wonder how many other extended family members have this sort of thing and don’t realize the importance of preserving it or sharing it with me!

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  2. Its amazing how many people have those scrapbooks and newspaper clippings and have no clue of their value to family historians.

    None of those in my family, my luck is such that when I inherit family photo’s the horses & cows are named but not the people.

    Enjoy the clippings! Be sure you blog about it as you do the transcriptions, I’m sure there is some great stuff in there!

  3. I Googled the name Musbach and came across this web page.

    My name was Musbach before I married and I liked in Leoni Mi

    I believe I may be related to your family. Would enjoy knowing

    more about the Musbachs in different states.

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