Today’s Tidbit | May 27, 1857 – Joseph and Sadie Voiland

On May 27, 1857, my 2nd great grandparents, Joseph Voiland and Felicitée Marie (Sadie) Romond, arrive in New York City from France.

Joseph, from Essert, and Sadie, from the nearby town of Urcerey, must have started on their journey to America almost immediately after their March 26th wedding. They arrived in New York just 2 months and one day after they were married. Since the ocean crossing took around 6 weeks and travel in France to a seaport was slow, they could not have wasted any time.

After arriving in New York, they traveled to Buffalo and remained there until passage through the Great Lakes could be obtained. They finally arrived in Little Wolf Twp., Waupaca Co., Wisconsin in December.

More about my Voiland/Weller family can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Tidbit | May 27, 1857 – Joseph and Sadie Voiland

  1. hmm, 1857, did they go by rail or by the Erie Canal to Buffalo? My McPherson 2x great grandparents traveled by canal boat in 1850 — probably much cheaper than by rail which was just beginning to take over. What interesting times.

  2. I really don’t know, Joan. I wish I had more information about that because it really intrigues me. I think about what all our ancestors had to go through just to find a spot to settle. They were a very tough lot!

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