Below, I’ve listed many of my families and the areas they lived.  If any of these names ring a bell, please post a reply.

Surnames & Locales:

Voiland — France (Essert), Wisconsin (Waupaca Co.)
Weller — Wisconsin (Waupaca Co.), Michigan (Oakland Co.)
Romond/Romon/Roman — France (Urcerey), Wisconsin (Waupaca Co.)
Heinke — Germany, Wisconsin (Waupaca Co.)
Harris — New York (Greenfield – Saratoga Co.) Ohio (Pierpont – Ashtabula Co.), Indiana (Town of Morgan – Porter Co.), Wisconsin (Manitowoc, Cato – Manitowoc Co., Appleton – Outagamie Co.)
Ormsby / Ormsbee — Rhode Island (Bristol Co.) New York (Greenfield – Saratoga Co.) Michigan (Summerfield Twp. – Monroe Co.)
Cleveland — Massachusetts (Worthington – Hampshire Co.) Connecticut (Canterbury, Windham Co.) Ohio (Pierpont – Ashtabula Co.)
Seybold — Wisconsin (Brillion – Calumet Co.)


Hau — Prussia, Wisconsin (Town of Russell – Sheboygan Co., Marshfield Twp. – Fond du Lac Co., Fond du Lac – Fond du Lac Co.)
Tuepper —
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac Co.)
Fuhrman —
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac Co.)
Heller / Hela —
Wisconsin (Princeton – Green Lake, Co., Montello – Marquette Co.)
Jackowski —
Poland (Posen) Wisconsin (Princeton – Green Lake Co.)
Soda —
Wisconsin (Princeton – Green Lake Co.)


Harvey — Michigan (Leoni Twp. – Jackson Co., Waterloo Twp. – Jackson Co.)
Musbach —
Michigan (Waterloo Twp. – Jackson Co.)
Notten —
Michigan (Waterloo Twp. – Jackson Co.)
Heim —
Michigan (Sylvan Twp. – Washtenaw Co.)
Gage —
New York (Benton, Yates Co.) Michigan (Sylvan Twp. – Washtenaw Co.)


LeVan — Pennsylvania (Berks Co.) Ohio (Bellefontaine – Logan Co.) Michigan (Waterloo Twp. – Jackson Co.)
McConnell —
Michigan (Carmel Twp. – Eaton Co., Waterloo Twp. – Jackson Co.)
Robison —
Ohio (North Greenfield – Logan Co.)
Bradley —
Massachusetts ( Essex Co.) Michigan (Kalamo Twp., Eaton Co.)

15 thoughts on “SURNAMES AND PLACES

  1. Hi, am interested in the Notten family – can’t find out much about my mother’s grandmother, Mary Notten, who married George William Havens in 1864, Sylvan Twp, Washtenaw or Jackson County, Grass Lake, Chelsea, MI

    I believe she was born in 1841, but can’t find her parents, etc. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Cindi

  2. Oh, to add a postscript – I saw the picture of Notten Road on the website, and my mother always told me when we went under the overpass that that was her grandmother’s family. Somehow in the past, I thought that Mary Notten’s father was Ely or Ehlert Notten, but can’t confirm. Thanks.

  3. Hello Dave Weller,
    I am Amy Rock, formerly Amy Hau. My grandfather was Richard Hau & his father was August Hau, who must have been a brother of John Hau. I just recently started looking into my family history & am in the process of compiling information for myself & my dad (Daniel) & his siblings. I want to say that I really appreciate stumbling upon your website; it’s nicely done & has added just a bit more info. to this giant puzzle I’m putting together.
    I haven’t looked @ everything on your website yet, but I am curious to know whether you have any more info. on any other siblings of August & John.
    Though I’ve just started this, if I find out anything to add to the story, I will let you know.
    Amy Rock

  4. I am also a descendent of the Notten family but from Ehlert’s twin John and his wife Dorothea Kaiser. I have much about Ehlert but relatively little about John and his family. John and Dorothea were my 3rd great grandparents. Thanks.

  5. Hello – I, too, am a decendant of John and Dorothea Notten and would like to get some more information about the two of them as well as John’s brother Ehlert. My grandfather was Ralph Loveland Sr whose mother was Edna (Notten) Loveland whose father was Henry Notten son of John and Dorothea. I was at the Salem Grove Cemetary on Notten Road where many of the Nottens are buried as well as the Notten homestead a few weeks back. Any information would be appreciated.

  6. Hello Donna – I am not a member of Would it make sharing information easier if I were? Thank you for your response.

  7. Sorry for the delay Brian. Been a little busy lately. Sharing information via Ancestry is nice though not sure it is any easier.

    Bob, it is true some features are not accessible on Ancestry but you should look at the Latter Day Saints webpage which is free and has a lot to offer.

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